App guide: Connect Smart Drive

On this page, find all the help you need for a complete understanding of the Connect Smart Drive application. Need additional assistance? Don't hesitate to contact us using the button below!

Table of contents

Booking type

The main screen of the application allows you to choose from different booking types right from the start. Options include the transfer for a direct ride from one point to another, and hourly booking which is ideal for routes with more flexible needs or multiple stops. To start the booking process, select the desired type and press the "Pick-up Address" button. Enter your starting address and follow the guided steps of booking. Additional icons on this screen allow access to notifications (bell icon) and the loyalty program (crown icon), thereby enriching the user experience.

  • Booking type : Transfer or hourly
  • Additional Features : Access to notifications and the loyalty program.

Route selection

To choose your starting and destination addresses, you have several convenient options. On the address selection screen, you can manually enter an address into the search bar, which will trigger automatic suggestions. You also have the option to use your current location via GPS to quickly set your starting point. For a more personalized experience, you can access your saved or favorite addresses, making your recurring bookings easier. Additionally, you can select an address directly on the map, where the central pin indicates the chosen location and the address adjusts based on your positioning on the map. If your trip requires multiple stops, you can easily add additional stages by selecting the "Add a stop" option for each desired stop on your route.

  • Manual entry : Automatic suggestions as you type.
  • GPS location : Quickly sets your current address.
  • Favorite addresses : Quick access to your frequently used locations.
  • Map selection : Direct interaction for a precise choice.
  • Add stops : Personalize your trip with multiple stops.

Save your addresses directly from the trip selection or in your profile to enjoy a smoother user experience for your future trips!

Time selection

For the time selection, you have the flexibility to choose either the pick-up time or the drop-off time according to your preferences. When booking, you can specify the time you wish to be picked up or the time you need to arrive at your destination. The application will automatically adjust the arrival or departure time based on your choice to ensure precise trip planning. This feature is particularly useful for scheduling your appointments or engagements without stress.

  • Departure time : Select the time you wish to start your trip.
  • Arrival time : Indicate the time you need to arrive at your destination.
  • Automatic display : The application calculates and displays the remaining arrival or departure time for optimal planning.

This method allows you to perfectly manage your schedule and customize your trips according to your needs.

So that our specialized drivers can reach your pick-up address, bookings must be made at least 2 hours before the departure time. Remember to book in advance.

Vehicle selection

When selecting your vehicle, you have the option to choose from a variety of options tailored to your specific needs, whether for comfort, capacity, or style. Each vehicle displayed in the application includes detailed information such as the price, maximum passenger and luggage capacity, and vehicle range.

  • Vehicle selection : Various options to meet different needs.
  • Included details : Information on prices, passenger and luggage capacity.

Enjoy 15 minutes free for city pickups and 60 minutes for airports. This allows you to manage your travel with more flexibility, especially in case of unexpected delays.

This feature aims to provide a hassle-free travel experience, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will be waiting for you even in case of minor delays.

Additional information

On the booking information screen, you can intuitively and quickly customize every detail of your trip:

  • Passenger change : Select a different person from your contacts to receive all SMS and sharing links related to the ride.
  • Additional information : Provide your flight number and pickup sign to facilitate meeting your driver.
  • Greeter : This service, available at the airport for arrivals and departures, provides you with the assistance of a greeter who will welcome or accompany you. The greeter takes care of all necessary procedures in fast-track mode, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience, from checking in your luggage to passing through security.
  • Child and baby seats : Add child or baby seats if you are traveling with young children.
  • Pets and luggage : Specify if you are traveling with pets or a large number of luggage so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Payment methods : Choose your preferred payment method to settle the ride.

These features are directly accessible to help you complete or modify your booking according to your needs.

Ride validation

The ride validation screen provides a clear and concise summary of all relevant information regarding your trip. You will see details such as the departure and arrival addresses, the scheduled departure time, the selected vehicle type, and any additional options you may have chosen.

  • Add to calendar : You have the option to directly add this itinerary to your personal calendar to ensure you don't forget your commitment.
  • Link sharing : A tracking link can be shared with your friends or colleagues so they can follow your journey in real time on the web version of the application.

This screen aims to provide you with a final check before completing the booking, allowing you to ensure that all information is correct and complete for a stress-free journey.

You will receive all the information about your booking via email. You can also modify your reservation at any time, including during the ride.

Tracking and modifying the ride

Tracking and modifying the ride are seamlessly integrated into the application, allowing you to stay informed in real time about the progress of your journey. The ride officially begins 2 hours before the scheduled arrival time of the driver, giving you insight into the preparation and approach of your transportation.

  • Real time tracking : From the application, you can track the driver's progress towards the pick-up location. This feature is accessible at any time from the main interface of the application or through the system notifications you receive.
  • Notifications : Automatic alerts inform you about the driver's approach, any changes in the ride status, and other relevant events.
  • Editing the ride : If necessary, you have the option to modify the details of the ride or cancel it directly from the application, offering flexibility and complete control over your travel planning.

These features are designed to ensure a smooth and reassuring user experience by keeping you constantly informed and allowing you to react quickly to any changes.

Ride rating

After each ride, you have the opportunity to provide feedback to help improve the service. You can rate the ride overall as well as on four specific criteria:

  • Ponctuality : Rate the punctuality of your driver in arriving at the pick-up location at the scheduled time.
  • Dress Code : Evaluate the appearance and dress of the driver, which should align with the professional standards of the service.
  • Vehicle : Provide feedback on the cleanliness, comfort, and overall condition of the vehicle used for the ride.
  • Driving : Rate the driver's driving in terms of safety, courtesy, and efficiency.
  • Global : An overall evaluation of the entire ride experience.

These ratings are important as they contribute to ensuring the quality of service and providing constructive feedback to drivers for continuous improvements.

Loyalty program

To reward your loyalty, we have designed a special benefit: your tenth ride is free, up to a limit of 30 km.
If your journey exceeds these limits, don't worry! The difference will be converted into a discount applied directly to the total cost of the ride. This way, no matter the distance or duration, you can fully enjoy your reward.

  • Free ride : Enjoy your tenth ride free of charge up to 30 km.
  • Beneficial discount : Benefit from a discount if your ride exceeds the established limits.

This loyalty system is reserved for our special members.

Invoice archive

In the application, managing your invoices is simplified through an efficient system of selection and downloading. You can easily access all your invoices and manage them intuitively.

  • Bulk download : Select multiple invoices at once to download them in a single batch, saving you time and keeping your expenses organized.
  • Date filters : Use date filters to quickly locate invoices within a specific period. Whether you're looking for invoices from last month or last year, the filtering tool helps you find exactly what you need without manually sorting through your documents.
  • Easy access : All your invoices are stored securely within the application, accessible anytime for viewing or downloading.

These features are designed to make managing your invoices as easy and convenient as possible, allowing you to maintain good organization of your transportation expenses effortlessly.

Incident claim

In case of an incident during your ride, the application provides a direct and efficient way to make a claim, allowing you to quickly communicate any issues encountered.

  • Hotline : A hotline is available directly within the application. You can call us anytime, we're here to help.
  • Claim tracking : After submitting your claim, we will contact you by email or phone depending on the urgency of the situation.

This system is designed to ensure that all your concerns are handled efficiently and that you receive necessary assistance promptly, ensuring a satisfactory user experience even in case of incidents. If you are unable to reach us, you can also contact us through the website, by clicking here.

Directly from your phone

Use our mobile app to book a driver in just a few clicks. Track your transfers in real time, receive notifications, and ensure your journeys go smoothly. Our advanced technology simplifies your bookings and helps you stay relaxed before, during, and after your trip.