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Save your documents

In the "Profile" tab of the application, there is a dedicated section for uploading and managing your professional documents such as your driver's license, professional card, civil liability certificate, and vehicle insurance. Here's how you can proceed:

  • Download : Upload your documents easily by taking a photo or importing a file from your device. The application verifies that the documents are clear and compliant.
  • Validation : Your documents are quickly verified to ensure they meet all legal and regulatory standards, allowing you to start or continue working without interruption.

All documents undergo verification by our teams. You can track the validation status of your documents directly from your "Profile" tab.

Save your vehicles

In the "Profile" tab of the application, you can also save and manage information related to your vehicles. Here are the steps to add and keep your vehicle details up to date:

  • Add vehicles : You can add a new vehicle by providing information such as the make, model, license plate number, and associated documents like the registration certificate and insurance.
  • Vehicle management : Once your vehicles are registered, you can easily manage them from your profile. This includes updating expired documents or modifying details in case of a vehicle change.
  • Documentation : Upload the necessary documents directly in the application so that each vehicle complies with regulatory requirements and is ready to be used for work.

This feature helps you maintain full control over your vehicles and ensures that all necessary information is up-to-date and easily accessible.

All documents undergo verification by our teams. You can track the validation status of your documents directly from your "Profile" tab.

Chauffeur team

In the application, managing driver teams allows managers to centralize the coordination and monitoring of their fleet. Here's how this feature is structured:

  • Team creation : If you're a manager, you can create a team by adding drivers. Send them a request through the application. Once accepted, you can assign them rides, track their statistics, and manage operational aspects.
  • Ride and statistics management : As a team leader, you can assign specific rides to your drivers and track their performance through detailed statistics. This allows you to optimize operations and enhance your team's efficiency.
  • Facturation centralisée : Toutes les factures générées par les courses effectuées par votre équipe seront liées à votre compte, simplifiant la gestion financière et assurant une comptabilité claire et centralisée.
  • Join a team : As a driver, you have the option to join an existing team. This means you won't directly manage all financial aspects of your trips, although you'll still have access to analytics to track your personal performance.

This team structure allows for efficient management and better organization of transportation operations, while providing individual drivers with the opportunity to benefit from a supportive and coordinated structure.

Accept rides

Accepting rides in the driver application is designed to be as flexible and efficient as possible. Here are the different ways you can receive and accept rides:

  • Notifications : You will receive real-time notifications for available rides. This allows you to respond promptly and maximize your driving time by accepting rides as soon as they appear.
  • Favorite chauffeurs : If you are registered as a preferred driver by a client, you will have priority for receiving their bookings. Notifications for these preferred bookings are sent to you before they are offered to other drivers. This strengthens relationships with regular clients and can increase your booking volume.
  • Main page of the application : In addition to notifications, you can view available bookings directly on the main page of the application. This provides you with an overview of available opportunities and allows you to select bookings that best fit your schedule and preferences.

These options give you control over how and when you accept bookings, helping you optimize your efficiency and better manage your schedule.

Tracking a ride

The ride tracking feature in the driver's application is designed to be interactive and guided, ensuring smooth management of each journey:

  • Steps validation : For each stage of the journey, you have a specific button in the application to validate your progress. This feature allows you to confirm that each part of the service has been completed, ensuring all information is up-to-date for both you and the client.
  • Access to GPS applications : When you tap on a specific location in the application, such as the pick-up or drop-off address, the application can automatically open your preferred GPS app. This makes navigation easier and helps you find the quickest and safest route to your destination.
  • Communication with the client : You have the ability to communicate directly with the client through the application. Whether it's through chat or a call, this feature is integrated to allow you to exchange important information or clarify details without leaving the app. This communication is secure and protects your privacy as well as that of the client, as real phone numbers are not shared.

These tools are implemented to help you efficiently manage each ride, from start to finish, while maintaining clear and secure communication with the client.

Analyzing your performance

The driver application provides advanced performance analysis tools that allow you to track and continuously improve your services:

  • Performance dashboard : You have access to a detailed dashboard that displays your driving statistics, including the number of completed rides, earnings generated, customer ratings, and other key performance indicators. This overview helps you evaluate your efficiency and identify areas where you can improve your service.
  • Income tracking : The application provides an income tracking feature that allows you to view your earnings in real-time. You can filter this data by day, week, or month, helping you plan your finances and understand earning trends.
  • Customer feedback : You regularly receive feedback from clients through ratings and comments. This information is crucial for understanding how clients perceive your service and making necessary adjustments to improve their satisfaction.

These features are designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your performance and support your efforts to become a more efficient and appreciated driver by your clients.

Super Smarter Program

The "Super Smarter" program is an initiative of our platform designed to reward and encourage excellence among drivers. Here's how this program works and what it offers:

  • Performance rewards : The "Super Smarter" program identifies and rewards drivers who demonstrate exceptional performance in terms of customer service, punctuality, and reliability. Criteria include high customer ratings, low cancellation rates, and consistency in accepting and completing rides.
  • Benefits and privileges : As a member of the "Super Smarter" program, you enjoy several benefits. This may include priority access to the most lucrative rides, financial bonuses, and special offers for services such as professional training and discounts on vehicle maintenance services.
  • Program levels : The program may feature different reward levels, allowing drivers to progress through stages based on their performance. Each higher level offers greater benefits, motivating drivers to maintain and improve their service quality.
  • Tracking and evaluation : You can track your progress in the "Super Smarter" program directly through the application. You can view your current points, compare your performance to the requirements for the next level, and receive personalized tips to improve your key indicators.

This program is an excellent way to recognize and reward drivers who exceed expectations, while fostering a sense of community and healthy competition among drivers on our platform. We hope to see you progress quickly in the program!

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